Windows xp create bootable hard disk

windows xp create bootable hard disk

Once the process is complete, your CD will work just like a typical Windows XP bootable installation.
Make sure that you copy and not move the files.Creating the USB Key Step 1: Download and Install WinSetupFromUSB Step 2: Insert the official Windows XP disk into CD ROM Drive and click Browse.XP powerpoint search for font Home SP2: make the above files plus one named WIN51IC.Change the label in the ISO9660 field to one of the following, depending on what type of Bootable setup CD youre making.If everything goes fine, after the Burn has completed your Windows setup disk will be created.There are many possible reasons as to why someone would go looking for a tutorial on How to create a Bootable windows.This can be achieved by using your default Recovery Disk or alternatively you can use Free Hard Disk Backup and Restore, Hard Disk Image and Cloning Utilities for the same purpose.Navigate to the winxp folder and right-click in the window.Start_backup_options, buildMode1, destination0, testMode0, verify1, writeSpeed0, copies0.Drivers: A driver is a software that recognizes and makes Hardware functional and before you begin creating a Bootable Disk it is recommended to get your hands on Drivers in the form of CDs or you can download them from your manufacturers official website.Then place the CD into the CD drive and if all goes well, the Windows installer starts up and youre on the way to re-installing your system.Step 3: Select the CD ROM as source on the Software menu and enter destination path on the.How to Create a Bootable Windows XP USB Key The method that we are going to list next is for PC users without a working CD/DVD writer or Notebook owners that often do not come with a CD writer.Official Windows.It is typically called.To start with, it maybe because you just bought your PC/Laptop off the shelf and it didnt come with a Setup CD or that your PC is choking on every function.
Type the following command and press Enter: C:xpsp3.EXE /integrate:C:xpsetup, method 2 Burn the Disc 1, download the Windows boot sector.
Click start and select Run Enter cmd into the field and press enter.