Wd my book world edition

wd my book world edition

The latest addition to this fleet of undeniably desirable products is the Western Digital My Book World Edition that was just announced today.
The mbwe claims to have best-in-class performance with its eco-friendly 7200RPM GreenPower drive, which claims to be environmentally friendly, but its always.
So no matter whether youre in bed using a laptop, at your main computer in your study, or down centos 6.4 iso install the bottom of the garden on your smartphone, you can access all your files quickly and easily.
If you're a novice user looking for a plug-and-play network storage device, the 230 (for the 1TB version, 450 for 2TB) Western Digital My Book World Edition is a sound buy.The Web interface is useful in that it allows you to further customize the functionality of the NAS server.The device allows you to plug a USB hard drive-for backing up content-into the port on the back of the NAS server and manage it using the Web interface.Features, doing something more involved than just sharing and storing data on the My Book World Edition requires more from the user.From there, the drive will appear in Windows Vista's network browser or in Mac OX 10's Finder, depending on the OS you're using.I moved a 350MB file from my laptop to the network drive wirelessly (802.11b/g) that took a little over two minutes.View and manage file attachments for this page.However, after that, you might not know what.Something does not work as expected?I dont have anything running XP at home or the office, but WD provides software to make it easy for you folks too.The profile is typical WD all its external hard drives have a name thats some variation on book with the curved spine at the front and the ventilation grill pages running round the top, back, and bottom.For a better backup solution, we'd recommend.Unlike the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive that Doug reviewed a couple months ago where you just flip the toggle switch between everyone and secure.The My World Edition is compatible with iTunes and dlna or UPnP-enabled devices.Despite its simple look, however, making changes can be a little intimidating for the novice user.FireWire would have been nice, too.USB.0 port Plug in any USB drive to instantly expand your network drive and share information.
Features (In my opinion easy to setup Both Macs and PCs will recognize the drive on the network within minutes of powering.