Standard audio rack mount dimensions

standard audio rack mount dimensions

International Electrotechnical Commission Multiple documents in available in French and English versions.
To determine rack size as 19?
Data Center Rack Standards 19-inch Rack, a 19-inch rack is a standardized frame or enclosure for mounting multiple equipment modules.
The cabinet housing the rack is larger than the mounting rack itself, and varies with manufacturer design.The specification also set tolerances summer games track and field on each of these dimensions.The three hole group spacing is measured from center hole to center hole and does not vary regardless of whether the server rack has square or round mounting holes.IEC Part 3-104: Connector dependent interface dimensions of subracks and plug-in units.Audio rack height is measured in "rack space units designated as "U" for unit, or "RU" for "rack unit.Half-size, half-height ) 22U ma przestrze montaow o wysokoci 977,9 mm, a w stojaku penowymiarowym (ang.Length (front to back).19-inch racks are widely used for computer server equipment, allowing for dense hardware configurations without occupying excessive floorspace or requiring shelving.Rack hole-to-hole spacing 19 Rack 18-5/16 (18.312) (465.1 mm) 23 Rack 22-5/16 (22.312) (566.7 mm) 24 Rack 23-5/16 (23.312) (592.1 mm) Rack Unit U or RU The hole spacing for standard 19-inch racks on the mounting flange is spaced in groups of three holes.This document is not the EIA document, but an aggregate of various source containing specification from EIA-310 and other sources Overview EIA-310 is a specification for what is often called the standard rack.DIN 41494 Equipment practices for electronic equipment; mechanical structures of the 482,6 mm (19 inch) series DIN 41494-7 Dimensions of cabinets and suites of racks.IEC Part 3-103: Keying and alignment pin.IEC Part 3-101: Subracks and associated plug-in units.
If you have a nail gun you can shoot nails in all the parts connecting them and this is effective in keeping the rack together, however, it can/will make nasty gouges in the wood and the nail will be seen.
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