Select time sql server 2005

select time sql server 2005

FnFormatDate (getdate M/D/YY) 1/3/12 select raj thackeray interview with rajdeep sardesai dbo.
IF (charindex (Month StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate, Month, datename(MM, @Datetime) IF (charindex (MON StringDate collate SET @StringDate replace StringDate, MON, left(upper(datename(MM, @Datetime 3) IF (charindex (Mon StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate, Mon, left(datename(MM, @Datetime 3) IF (charindex (MM StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate, MM, @Datetime 2) IF (charindex (M StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate, M, convert(varchar, datepart(MM, @Datetime) IF (charindex (DD StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate, DD, right(0datename(DD, @Datetime 2) IF (charindex (D StringDate) 0) SET @StringDate replace StringDate,.
sql isdate filter for valid dates select SalesOrderID, OrderDate cast (stringOrderDate as datetime) from DateValidation where isdate(stringOrderDate) 1 GO Results SalesOrderID OrderDate :00:00.
Sysdatetime 13:18:45.3490361, sysutcdatetime 20:18:45.3490361, current_timestamp 13:18:45.3470000.For other conversions, the convert function will round the result.Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions, syntax, current_timestamp, arguments, takes no arguments.PurchaseOrderHeader where convert(date, OrderDate) between Non-standard format conversion: 2011 December 14 SQL datetime to string select yyyy Month DD cast(year(getdate AS varchar(4) datename(MM, getdate cast(DAY(getdate AS varchar(2) Converting datetime to yyyymmddhhmmss format: select replace(convert(varchar, getdate 111 replace(convert(varchar, getdate 108 Datetime custom format conversion to yyyy_MM_DD select _ right(0 rtrim(month(getdate 2) _ right(0 rtrim(day(getdate 2) Converting seconds.Select convert(varchar, getdate 107) mon dd, yyyy, select convert(varchar, getdate 108) hh:mm:ss, select convert(varchar, getdate 109) mon dd yyyy hh:mm:ss:mmmAM (or PM).00:00.000 Equivalent to SQL datetime range select EmployeeID, RateChangeDate from where RateChangeDate 00:00:00 city car driving game full version AND RateChangeDate 00:00:00 GO SQL datetime language setting SQL Nondeterministic function usage result varies with language settings SET language us_english; Jan :00AM select US SET language British; Dec :00AM select UK SET language German; Dez :00AM SET language Deutsch; Dez :00AM.Note, sysdatetime and sysutcdate have more fractional seconds precision than getdate and getutcdate.Current_timestamp 13:10:02.047, getdate 13:10:02.047, getutcdate 20:10:02.047 select convert (date, sysdatetime,convert (date, sysdatetimeoffset,convert (date, sysutcdatetime,convert (date, current_timestamp),convert (date, getdate,convert (date, getutcdate Returned.Third results: DatetimeCol DateCol 00:00:00.Sysdatetimeoffset includes the system time zone offset.The datatype to convert expression.Employee( FullName nvarchar(50) NOT null primary KEY, BirthDate char(8) null, ModifiedDate datetime NOT null ) select * from Employee order BY FullName GO Results FullName BirthDate ModifiedDate Guy Gilbert :10:19.217 Kevin ben 10 alien force full game pc Brown :10:19.217 Rob Walters :10:19.217 Roberto Tamburello :10:19.217 Thierry DHers :10:19.217 SQL Server age select FullName, Age datediff(year, BirthDate, getdate RowMaintenanceDate cast (ModifiedDate AS varchar) from Employee order BY FullName GO Results FullName .Current_timestamp is a nondeterministic function.FnFormatDate (getdate yyyymmdd) select dbo.This topic applies TO: SQL Server (starting with 2008 azure SQL Database, azure SQL Data Warehouse.Can be one of the following values: Converting datetime to character: Without century, with century.The default Style values Style 0 or 100, 9 or 109, 13 or 113, 20 or 120, and 21 or 121 always return the century (yyyy) format.FnFormatDate (getdate MM/DD/yyyy) select dbo.For example Style 103 is with century, Style 3 is without century.SQL create different date styles with t-sql string functions.Formatting dates sql server, create function dbo.
FnFormatDate (getdate MM/DD/YY) 01/03/12 select dbo.
Input/Output, standard 0 100 mon dd yyyy hh:miAM/PM, default 1 101 mm/dd/yyyy, uS 2 102.