Resident evil 6 game save xbox 360

resident evil 6 game save xbox 360

Satisfy the corresponding requirements to unlock additional modes and abilities, as outlined below.
You can unlock a variety of content for wirelesskeyview user reviews and ratings the game's Mercenaries mode by satisfying certain requirements, as outlined below.
For example, Helenas Hydra to Jake, Pierss Mutant hand to Leon, Jakes Melee to Ada ect).Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360.(Helena) Secure an A rank in Mercenaries using Piers - Racer (Piers) Secure an A rank in Mercenaries using Chris - Samurai (Chris) Secure an A rank in Mercenaries using Sherry - School Girl (Sherry) Secure an A rank in Mercenaries using Ada - White.Characters, finish Ada's campaign - Ada, unlock all other characters' costumes - Carla, clear the Urban Chaos map with a B rank or better - Helena, clear the Steel Beast map with a B rank or better - Piers.This exploit does not apply to weapons with manually worked actions, such as the six-shot " Sniper Rifle the regular shotgun, Piers' Anti-Material Rifle, etc.Therefore, the easy way to survive this segment (regardless of your difficulty setting) is to drop down so that you're lying on your back and facing the enemy that is hanging onto the front of the cart.All the instructions, and a full tutorial on how to use the tool will be included in the email you receive with tool., feautres, editor for Retail Xbox 360 PS3: Mod All Inventory (Amounts Items) for all campaign.Click "more to read the description.Features, full description and complete list of features here: m, how to Download, here or, here.Mod Weapons (No clip) for all campaign.Clear three campaigns - Mining the Depths map in Mercenaries mode.You can continue to perform that trick to avoid running out of ammo.As long as you have a few shots remaining in your magazine, you can obtain a full magazine's worth of bullets even if you don't have any additional clips.No clip (no reload mod Health tablets for all campaign.You just have to have a USB Drive.
This is a video of what my Resident Evil 6 Save Editor (Hacking Tool) is capable.
The very fluid situations in Mercenaries Mode).