Openoffice calc functions tutorial

openoffice calc functions tutorial

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Below is an example.5" appears in "A7" and the sap abap bc400 pdf active cell is "A8".).Macro from box lists available macro library containers including currently open OOo documents.Type 20 in A1 and press Tab.Click In A6, the last cell in the column of numbers you want to add.Formatting toolbar to add the dollar sign to the selected cells.In A1, type 5, press Enter.REM * basic * Option Explicit Sub Main End Sub Function NumberFive NumberFive 5 End Function.The appears.Step 2: Setting the exchange rate of Eur.5, then copying it.Because Calc interpreted the equation as: 20 (10/10) 20 which equals.The intersection operator (!) should have a higher precedence than the concatenation comparison 1g 2g 3g 4g ppt operator but do not rely on autocad (r) mechanical 2011 product update 2 (64-bit) the precedence.Some functions can take a reference list as argument, SUM, MAX or index for example.Of course, in this example you would have to tidy the worksheet up by removing the zeros in the non-formatted rows.Sheet containing data for Branch.The new library name is shown the library list, but the dialog may show only a portion of the name.The results are now 15 and.5 which are correct.Shift key and the,key.Table 4 Order of Calculation Left To Right Calculation Ordered Calculation result 10 134, then 4 X 2 8, then, then Another possible intention could be: The program resolves the multiplication of 3 X 2 before dealing with the numbers being added.The sign is used for addition.
Effective(5;12 calculates the effective interest for 5 annual nominal interest with 12 payments a year.