Motu and patlu new episode

motu and patlu new episode

Jhatka Ki Ulta Pulta Machine 65A Mobike Ride 196A Tijori Ka Raaz 65B Motu Ka Jukam 196B Patlu Ki Beemari 66A Motu Ka Udhar 197A Rangeela Baba 66B Patlu Ki Bull Power 197B Jadoogarini Ka Seb(Apple) 67A Robot Horse 198A Shrinking Machine 67B Furniture.
3, the show focuses on how the two have a penchant to land themselves in comical situations, later rescuing themselves only by sheer luck.
Additional characters include Mayor.
He wears a blue French check gta lcs cheat device hat, magenta striped shirt, denim trousers, and a yellow ascot.Production Music The music featured in all the series and film is written by, Sandesh Shandilya a famous Indian film composer.She has got a fiery temper and can also punish Chingum at times whenever his chases harm her vegetables in some or other way."Indian Television Dot Com - Nick opens up Motu Patlu for promotional licensing; launches toys with yellow diamond rings".The theme song of bad for you abbi glines pdf the series "Motu Aur Patlu ki Jodi" is sung by Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh in Hindi.His design is a parallel version of Motu.Motu patlu in Dragon World Theatrical film See also References a b c "Nickelodeon presents home-grown animated show 'Motu Patlu by Cosmos Entertainment/Maya Digital Studios".Jhatka, his so-called "experiences of 20 years" often land people, especially Motu and Patlu, in trouble.He makes Motu's favorite samosas and Patlu's favorite tea in the city.Science 200B John Ka Bhookamp 70A Alien House 201A Magical Wrist Watch 70B Magical Book 201B Sachha Mann 71A African Safari 202A Devil's Stone 71B The Giant Roses (Updated) 202B Anti Theft Medicine 72A Cake Competition 203A Karamati Binoculars 72B Motu Patlu In Golf Course.Motu steals the samosas from his shop and does not give the money to him.10 International airing Other media Made-for-television films Motu Patlu in Wonderland!Patlu : Patlu is a slim man who serves as the one of the show's main protagonists.The series in produced by Cosmos.Number 2 is John's goon who rarely speaks.
His design is a parallel version of Patlu.
He drives a green motor bike and sometimes also drives a police jeep.