Love rain episode 16 subtitle

love rain episode 16 subtitle

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Joon immediately takes the stairs down and goes looking for her.
Hah. Yoon Hee stands up the accidental tourist ebook to wash their cups, but is overcome with emotion and weakness and drops them as she starts crying. Jeon Sul watches them and comments that Ha Na hasnt picked up in a week.The drama reunites Yoon, a well-known director of Korean dramas, with screenwriter Oh Soo Yun, who worked together on the popular Autumn Tale (2000) and Winter Sonata (2002) drama series. He asks Jeon Sul what hes doing here, and isnt happy to hear that Sun Ho hired him as the gardener. When In Ha says that he didnt mean to hurt anyone, Joon points out that hes failed in that regard already since everyones hurt.As Joon walks her to the nearby hospital, Mi Ho notices that hes not actually paying attention to her and Joon figures out that shes faking her injury. Yoon Hee is understandably surprised, but is somewhat relieved and says that she thought it didnt feel right to get married anyway. Joon then changes his mind and says that they should all have dinner together as brothers and sisters since its hard for them to meet. She tells him that shes trying, which makes Mi Ho happily guess that shes talking about Tae Sung.Forty years later, In Has son meets and falls in love with Yoon Hees daughter. Joon then straight up asks her if she wants to go out with him, saying that he feels like he should be dating someone right now. She asks him if In Ha cancelled the wedding because of two of them, and Joon says that it seems like. Ha Na is confused by their decision, saying that it they seemed so happy together, but Joon interrupts and asks if it was In Has idea. He then turns to Ha Na and says that they should at least eat together like they planned, but Ha Na says its okay.Wait FOR 5 seconds then click skip AD TO GET THE download link. Ha Na decides to take him up on his challenge and agrees.Love Rain is a South Korean drama series directed by Yoon Seok Ho that airs between March 26, 2012, and May 29, 2012.
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Joon drunklenly rambles that he gave up on Ha Na because she wanted it, not because of his dads 30 year love.