Kuroko no basket episode 6 english sub

kuroko no basket episode 6 english sub

Mitobe being better in defence.
He ends up scoring Seirin's first two points with macgourmet deluxe serial number this basket.He won again on the second poll, this time with 2242 votes.Just when Furihata was going to tell Riko that something is wrong, on the court, the Rakuzan players have intercepted Kuroko's pass and have stolen the ball.Ogiwara then takes out a basketball and shows it to Kuroko with a smile, indicating he has regained his passion for basketball.The match restarts and Kagami screens out Susa and Kuroko runs free.He has been trying to change Seirin's patterns by passing all over the place (like during the match with Kirisaki Dachi but Imayoshi reads astro boy pc game his every move and seals him completely.After passing Kuroko, Kise is ready to face Kagami, when suddenly Kuroko along with Izuki who uses his Eagle Spear, try to steal the ball.210 The Rakuzan players remark that Kuroko did not shoot during the match at all and realise that it was for this very moment.238 Phantom Shot against Murasakibara The Phantom Shot is Explained Because of this, Aomine pushed Kuroko to learn a new shot by himself, the Phantom Shot.Kuroko thanks Aomine, but Aomine says that the only reason he helped was because seeing Kuroko so weak was grating on his nerves.Akashi successfully evades both Kuroko and Kagami The game continues and Kuroko with Kagami continue their combo play.Hanamiya answers by telling him that he doesn't but there is no other way to beat other powerful schools.
While Kagami is hogging all the points, Kuroko is again proven to be weak and gets the ball stolen multiple times.