Eu4 game of thrones mod

eu4 game of thrones mod

If you want to try out a minor house, youll need to use the Shattered bookmark, inspired by the Shattered Europa mod, which lets you create alternate histories with greater ease.
Can you bring them to heel, or will Westeros devolve into chaos?
100 15 comments, i'm not sure which one is actually Russia 44 10 comments, just lost my 3/6/3 heir and then I got this guy 5 comments.
Fallout, by Fallout team, post-apocalyptic EU4 with all the Fallout factions.The Houses all act like independent kingdoms, though theyre held together by the Iron Throne, effectively ASoIaFs Holy Roman Empire.Dodo 16 4 comments, it seems some countries are destined to be partitioned 40 15 comments, i've got lucky with Bohemia and got a Personal Union on them within a few years of the game starting.Almost 10,000 years of history is maybe too much history for anyone to handle, but if youve got the time, go for.By Imperium Universalis team, engine overhauls are grand, but they arent quite as sexy as conversions that change even the setting.Imperium Universalis casts EU4 back through time to 559BC, to the founding of the Achaemenid Empire.There is only one true Rome.So far, the large team has added a great deal of custom icons taken from WoW, new governments, fel and holy religions, magic, and even the weird technology of the Gnomes and Goblins.Theres barely a single facet of EU4 that this mod doesnt affect, burrowing its way into religion, vassal control, diplomacy the whole kit and caboodle.But dont worry if you dont care about Cyrus the Great or Persian shenanigans, theres also plenty of Roman Empire dick-swinging, as the name suggests.Nations have their own National Ideas as well as cultural quirks, and theres a multitude of decisions and events inspired by Warcrafts venerable history.At the moment, the teams looking for a new addition to help with creating 3D unit models.Features 500 realms from the World of Ice and Fire.Trying to conquer the world means dealing with a bloated empire where corruption is rife and people arent open to new ideas.