Druva insync client 5.4

druva insync client 5.4

29860 The tooltip for snapshots in the Druva inSync Restore window appears in English instead of the language in which users have installed the inSync client.
26061 When editing Windows Journal application files (JNT they disappear from the inSync Share folder.
25537 When you disable a user, the count for users configured for backup on the Dashboard page is not updated.24625 If the size of the secondary storage is more than the primary storage, backup to the secondary storage continues even if it is full.URL to access the inSync server.Workaround: Avoid renaming or moving a folder immediately after creating it in the inSync Share folder.20350 On Windows 8 computers, a Help icon appeared on the task bar instead of the inSync client icon.27485 Users present in the AD group imported from AD to inSync do not get listed.25788 The fsck script fails with the following error: AttributeError: BlkStor instance has no attribute 'blk_getref' 25271 Incorrect statistics appear in the Bytes Transferred and Time Taken columns of the Roll Out report.However, the notification email is not sent to the collaborators.Users can view the total number of files and the size of the data that they want to restore.Issue Description 20734 Restore of a folder that contains more than 10000 files initiated either from inSync client or from inSync Admin Console fails.Improved End-user Experience on Mac Earlier, when users would switch to the full-screen view when a backup was in progress, backup operations would automatically pause.Improved end-user experience The new, improved inSync Web interface ensures a user-friendly share and collaboration experience.Note: For the list of deprecated features, see Feature End of Life Announcement.28253 The legal admins were receiving weekly reports that they did no not request for or subscribe.Add to quick launch bar check box.Data governance Legal hold policies provide a more robust, enterprise-wide control for data protection and governance.23515 carisma demi bold font French and German versions of Getting started.Legal administrators can preserve user data for users that are put on legal hold.Guest user FAQs, end User Guide, was this article helpful?Managed workspaces allow administrators to create IT-managed folders and assign them to defined groups (finance, HR, marketing) and delegated owners as required for ownership changes.24902 Files created by using the BarTender software failed to open from the inSync Share folder.
20734 When browsing through a snapshot, if a folder contains more than 10,000 files, the inSync interface stops responding.