Dictionary of psychology pdf

dictionary of psychology pdf

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To plant (seeds, seedlings, etc).
To arrange in a particular fashion, esp an attractive one: she set holy bible app niv offline her hair, the jeweller set the diamonds in silver.The fit or hang of a garment, esp when worn.Cite This Source Slang definitions phrases for set set adjective Ready; prepared : We were all set to go (1844) noun The group of pieces musicians perform during about a 45-minute period at a club, show, etc : Clarinetist Scott opened his set (1590).Carl Rogers Selection: The Organization of Personality.To arrange (a stage, television studio, etc) with car race game apps scenery and props.Psychology is a restless discipline with an increasing subtlety of terminology, reflecting the science's evolving insights into the human condition.(bridge) to defeat (one's opponents) in their attempt to make a contract.(of plants) to produce (fruits, seeds, etc) after pollination or (of fruits or seeds) to develop after pollination.Old English settan (transitive) "cause to sit, put in some place, fix firmly; build, found; appoint, assign from national parks nsw offices Proto-Germanic bi)satjan "to cause to sit, set" (cf.(indefinite) no thing; not anything, as of an implied or specified class of things: I can give you nothing.Despite its bulk, the dictionary is user-friendly, with a handsome typographic layout, fonts that are easy on the eye and an acceptable amount of white space around the entries.Other meanings OED groups under "miscellaneous technical senses" include "piece of electrical apparatus" (1891, first in telegraphy "burrow of a badger" (1898).Lydia Maria Child " nothing but a half loaf, and that's dry enough muttered the stranger.Thumb tabs for locating definitions quickly and easily, academicians, researchers, clinicians, undergraduates and graduate students, and professionals in allied mental health, education, medicine, and law, as well as academic and public libraries, will find the.(printing) Also called set width the width of the body of a piece of type the width of the lines of type in a page or column.
Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Cite This Source set in Medicine set (st).