Date time format sql server 2008

date time format sql server 2008

HH:miam (or PM default, select convert(varchar(20 sysdatetime 100 jun 8 2011 1:30PM.
With this in mind, any date comparisons performed after the datetime value has been formatted are using the varchar value of the date and time and not its original.
Nnnnnnn(24h) 1 Europe default nanoseconds select convert(varchar(30 sysdatetime 13) select convert(varchar(30 sysdatetime 113) 13:30:45.94286751 HH:MI:SS.
Select rmat_date(getdate DAY month DDth, YR 12HH:MI:SS TZ as DateTime Result: DateTime Monday January 12th, 09 11:21:42 00:00 Scenario 13 To display the unix posix time, execute the following command.Select convert(varchar(10 sysdatetime 102) AS 2011.06.08, dD/MM/YY, british/French, select convert(varchar(8 sysdatetime 3) AS DD/MM/YY 08/06/11, dD/MM/yyyy.SQL Server 2008 Date Format, sQL Server 2008 Date Format, one of the most frequently asked questions in SQL Server forums is how to format a datetime value or column into a specific date format. .Objects where object_id object_ID(N'rmat_date AND type in (N'FN N'IF N'TF N'FS N'FT.Select ucase as Date Result: Date JAN-12 Scenario 18 To display the date with month name in lower case, execute the following command.Select 12HH:MI:SS ampm as DateTime Result: DateTime /01/12 11:13:27 PM Scenario 8 To display date in DD-MM-YY, execute the following command.Select rmat_date(getdate Your Unix time is: unixposix as posix Result: posix Your Unix time is: Scenario 14 To display the year and week, execute the following.ยป See All Articles by Columnist MAK.YY select right(convert(varchar(8 sysdatetime 4 5).Execute the following command: select rmat_date(null, null) select rmat_date(null yyyy select rmat_date(getdate null) Result: Date :29:17 PM Year Date :29:17 PM This article illustrated how to create one common function, to get most of the date formats required by different countries and applications.Let's create the rmat_date function as shown below.Yyyy select right(convert(varchar(10 sysdatetime 104 7).This article illustrates how to create one common function to get most of the formats required by different countries and applications.Please download the code from here.Different applications require different date formats.We all know that different countries require different kinds of date formats.Date Format SQL Statement Sample Output YY-MM-DD select right(convert(varchar(10 sysdatetime 20 8) AS YY-MM-DD select replace(convert(varchar(8 sysdatetime 11 '- AS YY-MM-DD yyyy-MM-DD select convert(varchar(10 sysdatetime 120) AS yyyy-MM-DD select replace(convert(varchar(10 sysdatetime 111 '- AS yyyy-MM-DD yyyy-M-D select cast(year(sysdatetime AS varchar(4) '-' cast(month(sysdatetime AS varchar(2) '-'.News Via RSS Feed, featured Database Articles, posted May 20, 2009.The SQL statements used below to return the different date formats use the sysdatetime date function, which is new to SQL Server 2008. .
Select as Date Result: Date January-12 Scenario 16 To display the date with short month name, execute the following command.
M select right(cast(year(sysdatetime AS varchar(4 2) yahoo messenger 11 full offline installer 15.8mb '.' cast(month(sysdatetime AS varchar(2).